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What's up, welcome to my official site. This is a live stream of everything I'm up to - inside and out of the moto world. Every month I give something away from one of my sponsors.
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It's super hard watching this stuff and not racing but it's great to meet so many awesome sponsors…
Feb 28
A injury really makes you appreciate what you do everyday can't wait to be healthy again and back racing!
Feb 13
Week in and week out these guys help me out a ton thanks @sheetmetal220 oshow1 Photo- sharpimaging
Jan 28
RT @racerxonline: “I’m riding good, but I don’t like what’s happening. I mean, I don’t really like anything about the races so far.”-JB htt…
Jan 28
First day back on my bicycle nice to get out and move a little still have a while to go but taking…
Feb 23
RT @MonsterEnergy: Don't miss all the new action fro the latest episode of @DirtShark that just dropped!
Feb 4
RT @MuhammadAli: Thanks @Toyota for letting #MuhammadAli be a part of your big game spot w/ @AmyPurdyGurl. Take a look! #OneBoldChoice http…
Feb 1
Another day pushing it! Photo- sharpimaging
Jan 29
Thanks @matrixconcepts for the bicycle stands and tools to keep my @gtbicycles dialed in!
Jan 28
Just posted a photo
Jan 27