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What's up, welcome to my official site. This is a live stream of everything I'm up to - inside and out of the moto world. Every month I give something away from one of my sponsors.
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#Repost jbonejgr°···°It was nice to see @justinbarcia with good starts and out front in the beginning…
Apr 19
Tough day but I'm glad to be back racing just wish I had the race pace like I did in the beginning of the year ran into a mechanical at the
Apr 18
Only in Texas love it ?? may race with some wheels like this tomorrow and saw some front ends off…
Apr 10
Cool car show last Sunday in ATL with @butlertire the rides were looking 👌
================================ #butlertire #wheels #tires #atlanta #audi #r8 #mercedes #c63 #thegoldstandard
Having a great week with the team thanks guys! @sheetmetal220 picture. 
@alpinestars @monsterenergy @araiamericas @jgrmx @teamtoyota
The 4 runner is loaded up and heading to Charlotte for some cycling and testing. @teamtoyota…
Mar 28